Home Forex Reviews icfinancials review – Invescapito financials is good for trading ?

icfinancials review – Invescapito financials is good for trading ?

icfinancials review – Invescapito financials is good for trading ?

 ICfinancials is a well established CFD and Forex broker that has grown considerably over the past few years.

Through a combination of low fees, advanced technology and efficient customer support, ICfinancials has managed to expand into over 100 countries. They have opened up to 300,000 accounts and achieve $4bn in daily volume.

While this is impressive, can they really be trusted?

In this ICfinancials review we will take an in-depth look into this broker by delving into their tech, fees, regulation and reputation. We will also give you some top tips in order to make the most of your experience on their platforms.


ICfinancials Regulated Broker – Brand Is Authorized and Regulated in Various Jurisdictions, Best Forex Trading Platform – Icfinancials Regulated Broker

INVESCAPITO  FINANCIAL was founded 2000 by a group of bankers and forex specialists. INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL first started its operations based in Europe and Asian region was touched in 2011. INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL is now one of the famous brands in Forex industry and we have accomplished this with tremendous customer services, latest up to date technology and diversity of products.Due to our vision to be known as the largest broker in the forex market through the best customer service we have experienced exceptional growth over the past decade. 2012 was a major turning point where we started the business in Middle-east and successfully expanded INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL brand across Asia. Currently we are one of the leaders in Europe and Asian region and planning to expand all over the Globe by 2020. INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL offers the world famous MT4 for the clients, instant updates about the market and 24*7 hours support. Therefore the clients of INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL would not need to depend on a time or person but can trade freely whenever they choose.

is ICfinancials Safe  ?

This is one of the most important questions for any trader. You need to make sure that you are trading with a broker that has all the right protections in place in case of unforeseen circumstances.

So, how does ICfinancials stack up?



INVESCAPITO -Financial brand is authorized and regulated in various jurisdictions INVESTCO GLOBAL LTD (www.icfinancials.com/in) is regulated by the Financial Commission and Financials Service Authority with license number 201600017/FSP, licensed by the Financial Services Provider (FSP) of UK, with FSP No. 46614. The company is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK with  FRN 932054, its also registered with FSC Mauritius with LN. C118023249

Card transactions are processed via ICFX Global Services Ltd, Reg No. 43-45 Portman Square, Marylebone, London W1H 6LY, UK Address for cardholder correspondence: support@icfinancials.com

They are well known for being one of the best STP (Straight Trough Processing) ECN brokers on the market. This means that they do not operate a dealing desk and can therefore give you some of the lowest fees.

Moreover, given that they are using the STP technology, their execution is well known in the industry and they have some of the lowest rates of slippage on the market. Leverage on the broker can be as high as 500:1 on some of the Forex pairs and they make a market in a number of different assets.

Although they are a global broker that is able to accept clients from over 100 countries, the bulk of their traders come from Asia. There are also some jurisdictions where they cannot accept clients and these include the likes of the USA etc.

Icfinancials Account Types

As mentioned before, there are three main account types that you can use at Icfinancials . The choice of these accounts will determine the platform that you trade on and the fees that are applied.

Starting with the entry level, you have the Micro account. This is run on the MT5 platform and it has the lowest minimum deposit amount at only $100.

Then you have the Pro account which uses the slightly more advanced MT5 platform. This offers slightly lower spreads than the Micro account and will have less trading costs for higher volume. The minimum deposit is slightly higher though.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the accounts, you can take a look at the table below:


Deposit & Withdrawal

Lighting Fast Deposit and withdrawal facility with different currency and banks, iCfinancials are popular for the withdrawal facility which client where showing interest in this trading firm and traded with this regulated broker blindly


Overall, we were quite impressed by ICfinancials. They have developed a competitive broker with global reach, low spreads and great technology.

They have also got some of the most responsive customer support which has won them a number of awards. We also found the copy trading concept together with their educational resources a nice touch.

While there were some things that we thought warranted an improvement, these are not beyond the reach of ICfinancials. Moreover, given that they have shown a willingness to take constructive criticism, we could possibly see these suggestions implemented.

So, should you use ICfinancials?

We would encourage you to do your own research and make sure that they are right for your individual preferences. Having said that, they should be on the top of your list.

If you are going to be trading with them, make sure that you practice appropriate risk management. As you know, CFDs are very risky product


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